Accommodations & Transportation

The opening event for the conference will be hosted at the Hotel Indigo, Technology Center. We encourage participants who are staying at the hotel to book its shuttle service in advance to the conference as we cannot reserve spots in the vans in advance.

While it is possible to walk from the hotel to the event in approximately 25 minutes, participants may find it preferable to book shuttle or ride services. The cost of an Uber or Lyft to the conference is likely to be around $10 each way, without surge pricing.

Interior of the Cathedral of Learning, image courtesy of Pitt Campus Tour

Conference Events

All events other than those held on the first day will be held at the Center on Race and Social Problems, which is located on the 20th floor of the Cathedral of Learning. This building is thankfully very tall and easy to spot in the Pittsburgh skyline should participants find themselves turned around. We encourage participants to fully explore the building, which is not only an architectural marvel but houses a number of beautiful Nationality Rooms.

Food and Drink

The organizers of the first Race + IP conference articulated a desire to ensure that the gathering would center community, intimacy, and care. As such, we will host two breakfasts, two lunches, and two receptions, with an eye to meeting as many dietary needs as possible and supporting local restaurant, bakery, and cafe owners, including Redstart Roasters and La Gourmandine. Food and drink are also available in and around the Cathedral, including in the basement of the building. We encourage participants to explore local establishments as they are able. Pittsburgh Magazine and Eater have made two very different lists of their in town faves. We have no doubt that you will find many interesting recommendations between the two. And here’s an amazing list of Black owned businesses in the area, with options for Ethopian, Trinidadian, Tanzanian cuisine and more should you wish to support local proprietors of color. If you wish to visit Apteka, the fabulous vegan restaurant recently featured in the New York Times, please note that they do not take reservations. More specific recommendations for restaurants and bars are available upon request. The hotel lobby and bar are also available as gathering spaces for the duration of the conference. We may announce additional gatherings closer to the event, keep an eye on the News for updates and features on conference happenings.

Map of the Campus

Below is a map of the campus with the Cathedral of Learning in the approximate center. A navigable map of the campus is available here. Please note that a number of Carnegie Museums are within walking distance of the Cathedral as are Phipps Conservatory and Carnegie Mellon University. Dippy the Dinosaur, the whimsical must see patron dinosaur of Pittsburgh, has his own Twitter feed at @dippy_the_dino if you wish to follow. If you are feeling adventurous and wish to venture outside of the campus, we recommend the Mattress Factory, which features engaging exhibits by local artists.